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We'll be playing at Europe's biggest punk & hardcore event, Belgium's very own GROEZROCK-fest!!!

This Saturday (3rd of May) we'll rock the MAIN STAGE from 16h10-16h55. Other bands performing that day: Offspring ('Smash' full album performance), The Hives, All, Screeching Weasel, The Casualties etc.

And even more exciting Groezrock-news, cause German vinyl mailorder specialist announces the first in a planned Groezrock Vinyl Compilation Series: the Groezrock 2014 Vinyl Compilation. and the makers of Groezrock Festival in Belgium put their heads together and reflected how good it would be to press the festival feeling on vinyl. Said and done.

What we find on the Groezrock 2014 Vinyl Compilation is a batch of rare, exclusive or simply fantastic tracks by bands appearing on this year’s Groezrock Festival. Strictly limited to 500 units worldwide the Groezrock 2014 Compilation will be pressed on blood red vinyl and will be available exclusively on

On board this year you will find tracks by BOYSETSFIRE, LA DISPUTE, TOUCHÉ AMORÉ, RED CITY RADIO... and...FUNERAL DRESS !!! Strictly limited to 500 copies, so hurry hurry...

See y'all at the MAIN STAGE; Saturday 16h10 !!!


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